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To you it's Handgun Concealment. To us it's a Reputation!
We had rather Explain the Price than Apologize for the Quality!

The Concealment Shop Inc. Home of Feminine Protection Handbags Specializing in quality, custom concealment products made in the USA with a blend of Style, Convenience and Firepower.
We no longer have a store front, but we do lots of gun shows on weekends.
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Feminine Protection Handbags

All of our purses are American made in Mesquite, Texas. Each purse and Attache are lined with heavy denier nylon that is sewn to each panel before the purse is constructed. It is not "dropped" in. The placement of the lining also gives us a way to give you lots of inside pockets. Most purses have 9 inside pockets. We can make most style purses in at least 5 sizes and some can be custom sized to fit your needs. The purses come with one outside pocket (some hidden under the flap). Other pockets can be added to the back of the purse. All purses come with a key fob attached inside to help with locating your missing or extra keys. The gun pocket is in-between the two main compartments of the purse with the opening on the side, and closed with velcro and a snap for security. Each purse comes with a leather holster that fits the gun you want to carry and attaches inside the gun pocket with velcro. The velcro closing hides the gun compartment better than an outside zipper that can easily be opened by someone else. The purses we make can be very plain or made very "blingy" for an additional charge.
Small Attache Concealment Handbag Purse

The Attaché

The Attaché is an excellent carry for work or play, comes in 4 sizes and has many pockets inside and out to organize your things. Can be made to carry a laptop computer. Comes in four sizes:
Ex Sm 10¼x12½x4 $210.00
Sm 10x13x4 $225.00
Med 10¼x14½x4 $250.00
Large 12¾x16½x4 $275.00
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The Elite Concealment Handbag Purse
The "ELITE" comes in 5 different sizes to fit almost anyones needs. The squared flap can be made long to come to the bottom of the purse or short just below the outside pocket. This multi-colored purse is black, honey and dark brown leather. Customize It!
Small 8x10¼ $185.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $195.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $205.00
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Classic 3B Concelment Purses Handbags

Classic 3B

The Classic 3B is a special design to accommodate larger guns and hands with the taller opening on the side. The classic shape has a perfect fit for your arms as it rests on the purse. This purse comes in 5 sizes and can be any color combination.
Small 8x10¼ $210.00
Medium 7½x11½ $225.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $245.00
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The Protector Concealment Handbage Purses

The Protector

The "Protector" is our basic purse. Available in 5 sizes and any color or color combinations. There is no flap on this model. A handle can be added to the purse to aid in carrying heavier loads and keep you from getting tired.
Small 8x10¼ $165.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $175.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $185.00
Protector Buy It
Ultimate Concealment Handbags Purses


The "ULTIMATE" is unique because of its semi-pointed flap. It comes in 5 different sizes and multiple colors. Like all our purses, this can be made from tapestry, leather, cordura nylon and denim. The ultimate is shown here in black leather.
Small 8x10¼ $185.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $195.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $205.00
Ultimate Buy It

Jeanie and Diana

Jeanie and Diana Concealment Handbag Purse
The DIANA & JEAINE are the same purse design except for the width of the purse. In any of five sizes, the Jeanie (blue leather) is very thin, giving a smaller look. The Diana (red leather) has side strips that give it more width to accommodate larger guns and more "things". This purse is very classy with a contrast color trim on the diagonal shaped flap.
Small 8x10¼ $170.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $180.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $190.00
Jeanie Buy It

Small 8x10¼ $185.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $195.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $205.00
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The Concealment Shop AE Purses

AE Purses

The "AE PURSE" designed for "QUICK OPENING" comes in two sizes Medium and Large. AE purses have a pull tab to open the zippered gun compartment where the gun is attached in a holster held by velcro. Works like a pistol pack.
Medium 8½ x 6½ x 4 $165.00
Large 10 x 8 x 5½ $185.00
AE Purses Buy It
Westerner Concealment Purse Hangbag


The "WESTERNER" is for the woman who enjoys western dress with a leather fringe and a lot of style! The westerner is the same purse as the Ultimate with fringe added to give a western style.
Small 8x10¼ $195.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $205.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $215.00
Westerner Buy It
Sandra Concealment Purse Hangbag


New Sandra purse is made for the lady wanting a small cross body (or can be shortened for regular shoulder wear) that will carry up to Mid size weapons and Still have room for lots of pockets and a smart phone. Can come in any color leather or fabric.
Sandra Buy It
Fantasy Concleament Handbags Purses


The Maria is a new purse design to help give a smaller look to the purse. The front compartment is wider than the back compartment. Any of the different flap designs can be used. Available in 5 sizes, this is an excel- lent purse for the person needing a little more width to carry a gun with extras.
Small 8x10¼ $185.00
Medium 9¾x10½ $195.00
Large 10¼x 12½ $205.00
Maria Buy It
Fantasy Concleament Handbags Purses


The "MOON" comes in 3 sizes. Can be one color or many colors. There are 3 outside pockets on the front and 2 outside pockets on the back. Can be designed with no outside pockets or with only 2 large pockets on each side.
Small 8 x 13 x 4 $195.00
Medium 9 x 14 x 4 $205.00
Medium Wide $210.00
Large 10 x 17 x 4 $220.00
Moon Buy It

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