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To you it's Handgun Concealment. To us it's a Reputation!
We had rather Explain the Price than Apologize for the Quality!

The Concealment Shop Inc. Home of Feminine Protection Handbags Specializing in quality, custom concealment products made in the USA with a blend of Style, Convenience and Firepower.
We no longer have a store front, but we do lots of gun shows on weekends.
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The Concealment Shop Conceal Belt

The Conceal N' Draw concealment belts, ankle and thigh holsters are made of comfortable 4" heavy duty elastic and leather. The universal leather holsters are built-in to accommodate any size handgun (automatic or revolver) in a cross draw and a straight position. Beside each holster is a pocket that can be used for extra magazines, folding knife or a small flashlight. To conceal your weapon, the belts can be worn under loose clothing, under a jacket or vest or as a shoulder holster. It can be used under a police officer's vest to hold a back-up. Left or right handed persons can wear the same belt.

Included in our line are money belts, money belts with gun holsters, SOB (small of back) belts and specially designed shoulder holster belts.

The Conceal N' Draw concealment belts are available in black or light tan. Ankle and thigh holsters are sized small, medium and large. They also come in black or tan.

Tan Leather is currently unavailable, call for details.

Order Concealment Belts, Ankle Holsters, & Thigh Holsters online through PayPal secure credit card processing. A PayPal account is not necessary.

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The Concealment Shop Mens Conceal Belt

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