What Kind of Airsoft Gun Should You Get?

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Before deciding to commit to a certain model of airsoft gun, it’s definitely a good idea to know what advantages or disadvantages each kind might have. That way you’ll find the one that works best for you, as well as which one works best for your price range.

Spring Powered

These were the original version, and are usually very reliable for their price range, as well as being easy to use. To use them all you have to do is cock the spring gun before each shot, usually done by pulling the slide or the grip. This compresses the spring and gets it ready to fire.

Due to the way they operate, they’re incapable of being found as semi-automatic or as automatic weapons. Most of the guns used to play airsoft games are usually automatics, so this means that the usage of spring powered guns is limited. There is an exception, as there are high powered sniper rifles or pump action shotguns that use this loading mechanism to fire.

They’re generally the cheapest option, and require the least maintenance. This makes them great for beginners, as you can get a better idea of what weapon you’d enjoy most. The biggest disadvantage is the fact that you have to prepare every shot, and that they’re not always quiet when they load.

Gas Powered

The most popular model of gas guns are gas blowback guns, and in general are a pretty popular choice for a sidearm. These kinds of guns use CO2 or green gas to propel the pellet. The compressed air will release the pellet, and kick back after every shot. Like a real weapon, every shot fired will create some realistic recoil.

These weapons can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, and some of the latest models can even be found as fully automatic weapons. There are also models without blowback, making them feel less realistic in comparison. Gas powered guns are usually the versatile option, as well as being highly realistic. Because the guns are so realistic, some law-enforcement training uses them instead of using actual bullets.

There are some issues that you should know about though. The gas canisters can sometimes be a bit of a pain, as they can freeze, and are somewhat expensive. If you’ll be playing for a long while, you’ll have to take along some extra gas canisters, as their charge is not infinite.

Electric Powered

As the name suggests, these are powered by a rechargeable battery and an electric motor that cycles the piston and fires each shot. It’s very common to find an automatic model of this gun. You can find a wide range of models with this type, some are made from plastic, while others are incredibly sturdy and use metal components.

There are many advantages, in the end, they’re the most popular model for a reason. You can use electric powered airsoft guns in cold and warm weather, without having to worry about anything else. They’re also quiet, and as previously mentioned, it’s easy to find automatic models.

Still, their main advantage can also play against them. Because they work with a battery, you might find yourself at the mercy of a bad battery that you constantly have to recharge. And these guns are electrical, so water won’t go with them very well.